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The statistics of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce showed that the tire export of Shandong Province was $5.662 billion in January this year, an increase of 58.88% year-on-year. Qi Xueyong, director of the foreign trade department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that since this year, the prices of natural rubber and other raw and auxiliary materials have increased significantly. Large rubber tire export enterprises in the province have adopted the method of joint procurement to purchase natural rubber, steel cord, carbon black and other main and auxiliary materials in batches, with preferential prices, which has effectively reduced production costs. At the same time, we will expand the export proportion of large independent brands that provide a series of services at the same time, and improve the international popularity and market share of independent brands under natural conditions. 2 Experimental procedure; And implement the market diversification strategy, organize enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions, explore foreign markets, and effectively curb the decline in exports. In June, exports to emerging markets such as the Middle East, ASEAN and Latin America increased by 68%, 62.2% and 55.9% respectively. Many customers reconsidered their views on lightweight design when exports from emerging markets accounted for nearly 40% of total tire exports

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