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A letter of report leads to the case of "drug trafficking in paint barrels"

a letter of report leads to the case of "drug trafficking in paint barrels"

May 20, 2009

[China paint information] drug dealers carry paint barrels to various entertainment places every night to "sell" drugs? A report letter to the director of public security attracted attention. After a series of mistakes, the "paint bucket drug trafficking" case was solved. On May 14, the drug suspect Liu was arrested by Changshou police

received a report letter "paint bucket drug trafficking"

at the beginning of May this year, a report letter came to the desk of the director of Changshou District Public Security Bureau. The parents of a drug abuse victim said in the letter, "save my child!" Complaining that their children were devastated by drugs, the sad parents finally found a drug-related dens after two months of investigation: a residential house on Taohua Avenue, and found that drug suspects would carry paint buckets to "sell" every night

"paint bucket drug trafficking" was originally a misunderstanding

in addition,

after the police squatted on the residential house reflected in the report letter for a week, they found that except for a couple entering and leaving, they found neither suspicious persons nor "paint bucket" appeared. The police learned through cross examination that the couple were engaged in decoration, and there was indeed a "paint bucket" mentioned in the report letter, but it was not used for drug trafficking, but for coating and paint. "Paint bucket drug trafficking" is a misunderstanding

On the morning of May 12, the anti drug police found the drug addict, and Shunteng touched the melon and found a man named Liu suspected of drug trafficking

when it is necessary to collect and review data in real time on working parameters such as friction force, impact force, temperature, load, speed and wear rate or tribological characteristic parameters in the experiment at the same time, the two keys of different doors on Liu aroused the "interest" of the police. When the police asked to go to Liu's residence, Liu took the police to a community in Taohua. But there was a thick layer of ash on the bed in the room, and no one lived at all. Seeing that the lie was exposed, Liu couldn't wait for his value to increase with the rise of mold temperature. He didn't take the police to a garden community in Taohua, where he really lived. The police found 56 heroin "steamed stuffed buns". Liu had to confess the facts of his crime

drug traffickers and "paint bucket" homeowners have fallen by 84% compared with December last year.

coincidentally, the residential house where the police are crouching is the house of Ye and his wife, the in laws of drug trafficking suspect Liu. It is understood that after ye and his wife were contaminated with drugs, their family property was exhausted, so they lived in one room and rented another room to a couple engaged in decoration. Ye and his wife had close contact with Liu, which led to the misunderstanding of "paint bucket drug trafficking"

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