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Tire enterprises are facing high cost challenges

since this year, natural rubber has ensured the safety of experiments, and the high price of rubber has caused serious impact and huge impact on the normal production and operation of tire enterprises that can achieve precise control of production in China. This trend is expected to continue in the coming months

it is understood that from May to September in previous years, rubber prices will decline. However, according to the statistics of Yunnan natural rubber wholesale trading market, the rubber price has not fallen this year, but has continued to rise. On June 25, the spot quotation of the e-commerce center of Kunming yunken Trading Co., Ltd. showed that the highest annual price of 1million intraocular lenses in the national standard first-class natural rubber was 27600 yuan (RMB, ton price, the same below), and the lowest quotation was 27400 yuan; The highest price of national standard grade II natural rubber is 26400 yuan, and the lowest price is 26000 yuan; The highest quotation for concentrated latex is 1784 yuan, and the lowest quotation is 16900 yuan, up to varying degrees from the beginning of May

according to industry insiders, in the coming months, the international crude oil price will still be in the high price area. At the same time, the overall supply of domestic natural rubber resources is still insufficient. The domestic natural rubber price will fluctuate in the high price area, and there is a certain room for rise, which may reach about 30000 yuan

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